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Thanks to Yahoo! (originally ONElist), I established the MKT List for the purpose of creating a e-mail list/group for discussion of the Katy and its predecessors. The majority of the Katy's neighboring railroads are already covered by some sort of list (Santa Fe, Frisco, Rock Island, etc.), so  it was time for a list devoted to the Katy All topics related to the MKT (as well as predecessors and successors) are welcome on the list, just please try to keep it related to the Katy. Everyone is welcome to join the list - the more information we can share about the Katy, the better!

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There is another MKT-specific list on Yahoo!, mktfansandmodelers that was started by Terry LaFrance after the founding of the MKT List.   It's basically evolved into a secondary storage location on Yahoo! for posted pictures from MKT List members as the traffic is usually less than or parallel to it. 

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If you're interested in the Katy on the web (or looking for quick answers), I suggest visiting, the official website of the Katy Railroad Historical Society.

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