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Last Updated 31 July 2007

Starting with the early e-mail list serve and Usenet groups, the number of railroad-related e-mail discussion lists have exploded with the popularity of the internet.  The ability to start  and host a list for free via Yahoo! and other companies have also added to the large number of list/groups devoted to rail topics. 

This is not an exhaustive list of rail-related lists, but merely a few of the e-mail lists that have a geographical focus on Oklahoma or the railroads that have operated here. (And this isn't an endorsement of any of these lists/groups, just merely a listing of the ones that have been interesting or helpful in recent years.)


Arksmook  - ARkansas, KanSas, MissOuri, and OKlahoma

Midrail - Primarily Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska, but Oklahoma-related topics do come up occasionally.

Railspot - Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

RRTulsa - Tulsa and the surrounding area (primarily Northeast Oklahoma)

Sooner State Rails - Oklahoma

Company Specific

ATSF: Santa Fe, All the Way!

KCSNotes - Kansas City Southern

MKT List - Missouri-Kansas-Texas/Katy

MOPAC - Missouri Pacific

Railamerica - Current operator of Kiamichi Railroad

RITSlist - Rock Island Technical Society List

SANTAFE (at UNL) - Note:  This is one of the older lists still in existence and is housed on a server at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  (The link goes to the subscribe/unsubscribe instructions housed at Q-Station.)

WATCO - South Kansas and Oklahoma/Stillwater Central