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Last Updated 5 June 2011

Welcome! This site was formerly known as "Stillwater Station", but I decided to change the name when I upgraded the site, since the site covers the entire state of Oklahoma. I'm still working on changes, so some of the links and pages may not work.


I started the first Stillwater Station on an OSU-hosted website back in 1995; at the time focusing on the Santa Fe's Stillwater District (or Sub). Space was limited, so I re-established this website at Geocities. The constant pop-up ads were annoying, and when began offering free web space, I was all but willing to move again.


I can be reached at john_kirk at    You'll just need to replace the "at" with @, and the with    Sorry, but it helps cut down on the spam.


Special Note to Genealogists

Every so often, I get an e-mail inquiring about an ancestor who worked for a certain railroad or just "on the railroad in Oklahoma". I don't have access any railroad employment files, so unfortunately, I'm not much help in that area.

Generally, there is a historical group which focuses on each of the larger railroads (the Katy Railroad Historical Society, for example) that may or may not have access to these sorts of records. Check out the "Links to Other Sites" as some of these groups do have a presence on the web.

If you don't know the name of the railroad, you might also try searching for a historical group in the city or area that your ancestor was employed in. Sometimes these groups recieved donations of employment records.

In any case, best wishes on your search.