The Oklahoma List: Missing

Last updated June 5, 2011

As time goes along, some of the equipment and structures on the list tend to move around. The following list items have been reported as missing recently:
Aline  KCM&O Depot  Used for storage by Aline Farmers Co-Op and located at Oak & former ATSF right of way.

Noted not on site, 12 August 2006. 

Altus CB&Q Baggage Car ??? Heavyweight construction, body only. Located at elevator on west side of Main (US 283) at BNSF crossing, used for storage.

The car was photographed on onsite 1/6/2010 but was not present on 5/14/2011.

Ardmore RI Caboose 17601 Reported to be located at "Deer Creek Ranch", US 77 south of city.   The only caboose in this area is a wood caboose that appears to be a former Frisco car; RI 17601 was a steel car (former LV 95111)
Chickasha SP Caboose ??? Most recently located behind Teague's Body Shop (US 62/277 near the H.E. Bailey Turnpike), this caboose reportedly ended up on a pond in the Ninnekah area for use by the owners. Previously, it was used as a restaurant (located on Texas St. between Third (US 81) and Fourth). The cupola had been stretched, giving it a strange appearance.
Enid SLSF Caboose 455 Reported moved to "someplace in western Oklahoma for use as a hunting cabin", noted not onsite December 2009.

Formerly located at residence, 914 N 19th St (19th and Chesnut, 11 blocks west of N 30th (US 64)). Body only; caboose has no trucks and has been rebuilt with board and batton style siding

Fairfax AT&SF Caboose 999604 Located in Ben Parker Memorial Park, Fifth and Taft (Two blocks west of Main/SH 18 on Taft).

Noted not on site, 20 March 2011.

Krebs BN Caboose 13799 This caboose was located along US 270 in Krebs at a residence.

Sometime in between 1995 and 1997, the house and caboose disappeared. .

Okmulgee BN Caboose 11556 Formerly located at Holleman Iron Salvage, 3rd & Oklahoma. Still in Frisco paint with BN stencils, former SLSF 1228. 

No longer on site early 2009, reportedly the car was moved south on US 75 by truck "to Texas".

Muskogee WP Caboose 431 Formerly located on US 62/64/SH 16 on the west side of Muskogee.

Noted not on site during November 2009. 

Tulsa MP  Caboose 12451 1)  Formerly located at the McDonald's at 21st and Sheridan; removed during renovations during 2003.  

2)  MP 12451 turned up at a landscaping contractor in Broken Arrow (5621 S Lynn Lane); however it was not observed on 1 October 2006.

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