The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'L'

Location Railroad Type Name/
Laverne WF&NWDepot Later MKT, located on Main (SH 149) west of city. Used by farm business.
Lawton CRI&PCaboose


Wood construction, located at former museum site, First & "I" Street. No number visible.
SLSF Chair Car


No number/lettering visible on car. Located at Comanche Nation Housing Authority offices, 402 Southeast F Ave.  (Five blocks east of US Business 281 on F Ave).
SLSF DepotOriginally from Elgin; located at Museum of the Great Plains, 2nd and Ferris.
SLSF 4-8-2


Located at the Museum of the Great Plains, Ferris & Second Street.
Leflore SLSFDepot In use as farm storage building, located off Line Street next to former SLSF right-of-way.
Lenapah UEFreight Motor


Located in quarry 1.5 miles north of city, northeast corner of EW10 Road and old US 169, on east side of highway, with another former UE car.
Lexington BNCaboose


Located at residence, 9401 Flat Armadillo Road.  (2.25 miles east and 2 miles south of US 77/SH 39 junction.)
Lindsay AT&SFDepot Restored as Lindsay Chamber of Commerce, located on Main St 1/2 block north of Cherokee (SH 19). Also used by Rock Island Lindsay Branch trains.
AT&SF 60ft Box Car


Located at Lindsay Chamber of Commerce (ATSF Depot).
AT&SF Caboose


Located at Lindsay Chamber of Commerce (ATSF Depot).
Luther AmtrakDorm/Lounge


Lightweight construction, former AT&SF 1342. Located north of downtown on Luther Road (between city and SH 66).

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