The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'W'

Location Railroad Type Name/ Number Notes
Wagoner MKTDepot Restored as restaurant/gas station. Located at 4010 North US 69 (Whitehorn Cove Rd & US 69)
MP Steel Caboose13540 Painted red, with no markings. Located at MKT Depot Restaurant, 4010 North US 69.
MP Bunk carX3436 Former Pullman, painted MKT. Located at MKT Depot Restaurant, 4010 North US 69.
SLSF Caboose1420 Formerly painted with BN Number (11650), now painted as Frisco. Located at private residence, 1 mile south of SH16/SH51 intersection.
UP Business Car107 Built 1926 as MP Business Car 12, rebuilt 1957 and renumbered to MP 1. Named "Eagle" in 1965. To UP, 1985 and renamed "St. Louis". Renumbered to 107 in 1986. Moved in 1996 to unknown location on Ft. Gibson Lake.
Walters CRI&PDepot Restored, houses the Cotton County Art Council..
UP Caboose25281 Located at Rock Island depot.
Waurika CRI&PDepot Also used by Wichita Valley (FW&D) until 1942. Restored as Rock Island Depot Museum & Library. Located at Meridian and Broadway (one block west of Main (SH 5).
MKTCaboose 210Painted burgundy with Rock Island lettering, but no number. Located at RI Depot/Museum.
Waynoka AT&SFDepot Under restoration by Waynoka Historical Society, located at 202 Cleveland (two blocks west of Main/US 281 on Waynoka St.)
AT&SF Section House  Originally from Edith, OK (AT&SF Buffalo District), moved and restored by Waynoka Historical Museum.  Located on northwest corner of Waynoka St and Cleveland Street opposite AT&SF depot and Harvey House.
AT&SF Caboose??? Wood construction, with no markings. Located at residence south of town on US 281 (1.1 mile south of US 281/SH 14 junction)
Fred Harvey/ AT&SF Harvey House  Restored as Waynoka Historical Museum, located next to depot.


Donated by Central Kansas Railway to Waynoka Historical Society during 2001.  Former MidSouth 1066; ex-ICG 8227; ex-IC 8227; originally IC 9227.  EMD B/N 22292 F/N 5480-20, built 1/1957
Wewoka CRI&P Depot Returned to site (corner of Park St and Wewoka Ave; one block east of SH56 on Park) in 2002 - the depot previously had been moved to a residence near Bowlegs.
MP Caboose 13082 On display, Park St and N. Wewoka Ave, next to CRI&P depot.
Woodward  AT&SF DepotIn use by BNSF. Located at 10th and Kansas. Built in 1949 after original depot destroyed by tornado.
WF&NW DepotLater MKT. Restored as Chiropractic Health Center, 1123 W Main.

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