The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'S'

Location Railroad Type Number/ Name Notes
Salina CRI&PCoach


2500 series commuter coach, no Rock Island markings on car.  Located on Holiday Village Rd (1.5 miles south of SH 20/SH 28 intersection on SH 82, then east .2 miles)
Sallisaw MPDepot On site, restored as Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library, 101 East Cherokee (US 59/64/Business I-40)
UP Caboose25567 Located at Fourteen Flags Museum, 200 E Cherokee Ave (US 64 /Business I-40 east of junction with US 59 North).
Sand Springs
SSInterurban ??Moved in from Arkansas farm, Located in former SS powerhouse on northeast corner of Main St & Adams Rd.
SS CarbarnActive, used by Sand Springs Railway as their shop.
SS DepotPhoenix depot, used by SS Railway for storage. Located directly northwest of shop.
SS Depot/OfficesIn use by businesses. Located on southwest corner of McKinley & Broadway.
SS Power house Located on northwest corner of Main and Adams.  To be renovated as the "SpringLoaded Brewery".  The property was sold to the brewery in May 2011
TSR/OUR Trolleys (2)?? Formerly a house near Tulsa International Airport. At powerhouse with former SS car.
Sapulpa SLSFFreight Depot Used for storage by Farmers Feed, located on west side of Main (SH 97) at BNSF Sooner Sub.
OUR Trolley375 Restored by Sapulpa Trolley and Rail Museum and placed on display in front of TSU office/shops (701 East Dewey). Owned by TSU predecessor, Oklahoma Union Railway.
TSU CabooseEMG 1 Former BN, located next to trolley (see above) at TSU shops.
Sayre CRI&PDepot Restored as the Shortgrass Country Museum. Located on Popular between 4th (Bus. I-40/US 283) and Broadway.
Seminole AT&SF Caboose 999148Located at Jasmine Moran Children's Museum, 1714 West Wrangler (SH 9).
CRI&P DepotRestored as Restaurant, located at 100 North Main.  (Two blocks east, 1 block south of US 377/SH 9 and US 270/ intersection).
CRI&P Freight DepotUsed for storage by Restaurant, next to passenger depot.
Selman AT&SFDepot  Currently used as guest cabin at Selman Guest Ranch (, 6/10 mile west of SH 34 on EW 16.8 Road (EW 16.8 Road is 5.6 miles south of US 64/SH 34 Junction)
Sentinel KCM&ODepot Currently in use as Sentinel's police station. Located on southeast corner of 3rd (SH 44) and Grant. AT&SF removed 39 feet of the freight end in 1942; later covered with vinyl siding.
Shattuck AT&SFDepot Cut in half, and moved to Ellis County Building & Supply, used for storage. Located on First between Main (US 281) and Cedar.
AT&SF DepotFrom Quinlan,OK. Modified as residence. Located at Newman Memorial Hospital (9th and Cedar).
AT&SF Section House From Quinlan,OK. Modified as residence. Located at Newman Memorial Hospital (9th and Cedar).
Shawnee AT&SF DepotRestored as the Santa Fe Depot Museum. Located at Main and Pennsylvania.
AT&SF Caboose999097 At Santa Fe Depot Museum.
AT&SF Tank Car189512 B&B water car, at Santa Fe Depot Museum.
CO&G Shop BuildingPassenger car shop, later used by CRI&P until operations were consolidated at El Reno. Currently vacant.   
Shilder MVDepot Moved from Foraker. Located in downtown at SH 18/SH 11 junction.
Skiatook CRI&P Caboose 17895Located at Skiatook Antique Depot, 2200 W Rogers Blvd (SH 20).
Slick O-SWDepot In use as Slick Baptist Church, on SH 16.
Snyder BN Caboose 10574Located at business near US Business 62 (Thirteenth St) & F Street (one block east of US 62/ US 183 Jct).
BN Caboose11691 Former SLSF 1716, located in city park near US Business 62 (Thirteenth St) & G Street. Painted off-red color with no markings.
Stillwater AT&SF Caboose


At McDonald's, located at Main & McElroy Rd. From former restaurant operation in Stillwater depot.
AT&SF DepotRestored as Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma National Headquarters, located at 401 East Ninth.
CB&Q Caboose14352 No number/marking on car. Located at residence, 911 Tobacco Road.  (3 blocks north of Washington & Lakeview, 1/2 block west).
CRI&P Caboose17004 Located at The Railroad Yard (salvage firm) four miles south of city on Perkins Rd (US 177).
D&TSL Caboose121 Moved to Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma headquarters (former AT&SF depot) during August 2006 from Michigan.   Car arrived painted as "DT&I 99", but has D&TSL emblems under that paint on both sides.
Stilwell KCSDepot Restored by City of Stilwell. Located on east corner of Division and Front Street (US 59)
Stone Bluff CRI&PCaboose 17890Located at residence on 191st St, 1.1 miles east of US 64.
Stratford OCDepot Later AT&SF; restored as Stratford City Hall. Located at Second and Hyden (Four blocks south of SH 19 (Smith).
Sulphur AT&SFDepot Moved from Dougherty, 3/94. Restored as Iron Horse Pub and Grill.  Located on southeast corner of SH 7 and Kirby Graves Road (.4 miles west of SH 7/Chickasha Turnpike junction).


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