The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'H'

Location Railroad Type Name/
Hallett MKT/SLSF Tower Abandoned, located on north side of Cimarron Turnpike (US 412) overpass of BNSF Avard Sub. Tower guarded crossing of MKT's Oklahoma Division - abandoned 1977 - and Frisco's Perry Division.
MKT Depot In use as residence, moved to west side of SH 99, 0.2 mi south of main intersection. (0.5 mi north of Cimarron Turnpike on SH 99.)
HardestyCRI&P        Depot Converted boxcar, currently abandoned.  Located on site, near elevator (2.5 blocks southwest of US 412/SH 3 on Railroad St). 
Harrah CRI&P Depot Restored as Harrah Heritage & Historical Society Museum, located on Main one block west of SH 270.
AT&SF Caboose 999211 Located at RI Depot/Museum.
OG&E Side-dump cars(2) 1000/1100? At RI Depot/Museum, from OG&E plant west of city.
Headrick BN Caboose 10753 Body only, specific location not known.
Healdton ONM&P Depot Later AT&SF, located on Franklin (one block north of Main/SH 76) between NW First and NW Third, on south side of street. Depot has been rebuilt with metal siding, and is used for storage.
MP Caboose 13870 Located at Grand Central Acres Bed & Breakfast, 614 West Lincoln.
WP Caboose 429 Located at Grand Central Acres Bed & Breakfast, 614 West Lincoln.
Heavener KCS Caboose 386 Located in city park between KCS and US 59/271 near SH 128 junction, lettered L&A.
KCS Coach 180 Restored as Southern Belle restaurant, located on US 59 north of US 270 junction.
Hendrix KO&G Bridge Located south of city on Carpenter's Bluff road, structure was a dual rail/auto bridge over the Red River. Automobile portion is still in use, and can also be reached via FM 120 from Denison, TX
Henryetta UP Caboose 25201Located in city park on southwest corner of Main (US Business 62 and 75) and Lake Road on roadbed of abandoned MP/KO&G.
Hobart CRI&P Depot Restored as Kiowa County Museum, located at 518 S. Main.
CRI&P Boxcar 59379 Located at Kiowa County Museum (RI Depot).
UP Caboose 25404 Located at Kiowa County Museum (RI Depot).
Holdenville CRI&P Depot/Office Wooden office, not original joint SLSF/RI Depot, Located on Echo Street one block west of Main/SH 48.
MP Caboose 13062 Located on Echo Street one block west of Main/SH 48 (next to CRI&P Depot/Office).
Hollis MKTMotor Car  Located at Harmon County/Hollis Fairgrounds and used as a concession stand.  Originally constructed as MKT motorcar M-10 and later converted to powerless trailer car T-100, and ending its railroad use as the depot at Gould, OK
Hominy "MKT"Caboose


Painted as "MKT 74035", former C&S 10508.  Moved from Haskell during Summer 2001. Located at former MKT Depot, 300 W. Main.
MKT Depot Restored, Hominy Chamber of Commerce. Located at 300 W Main. (One block north of First/SH 20 on Katy Street)
Hooker BNCaboose


Located in Roadside Park,  south corner of Clarence (US 54/64) & Ireland.
Hugo SLSFDepot Restored as the Choctaw County Historical Museum/Hugo Heritage Museum. Contains restored Harvey Lunch Room, and Hugo Heritage Railroad excursion depot. Located at 300 W Jackson (US Business 70)
KRR F7A SlugSL1 Former KCS slug 4055/KCS F7A 70A. EMD 7873, October 1949. Located at SLSF Depot/Museum.
SLSF Baggage372 Heavyweight car, painted in MoW silver. Located at SLSF Depot/Museum.
Unknown 0-4-0T  No number, with lettering from the Cherokee alphabet.   Located in city park east of SLSF Depot/Hugo Heritage Museum.
Hydro CRI&PDepotMoved, located in Hydro City Park (southwest corner of Third and Cowles, two blocks west of Arapaho Ave (SH58)).

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