The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with D

Location Railroad Type Name/
Davis AT&SF DepotRestored as the Arbuckle Historical Museum. Located at 12 East Main (US 77/SH 7) next to BNSF Red Rock Sub.
Douglas DE&GDepot Later AT&SF. Moved off site; now located 1/2 mile east of town, 2.5 miles north on county road. Currently used as a residence.
Drumright AT&SFDepot Restored as the Drumright Historical Museum, located at Broadway (SH33) and Harley.
SLSF Coach1062 Moved from Jenks during 2006; displayed at the Drumright Historical Museum (former AT&SF depot)
SLSF Caboose1119 Located at Drumright Historical Museum. Wood construction; Currently unlettered and unnumbered, it was acquired from an area family who had used the car as a guest house on their farm. 
Duncan CRI&P4-6-2 905 Undergoing restoration by The Rock Island 905 Historical Society.   Located in Fuqua Park (US 81 and Ash). One of three remaining RI 4-6-2s. Alco 48122, July 1910.
CRI&P Caboose17009 Located at Camp Teen Round-Up Inc; 5 miles west of US 81 on Beech Ave, 1/2 mile south on Empire Rd.
CRI&P Caboose17024 Located at residence, 3601 W. Beech Ave.
CRI&P Caboose17038 Located at residence, 3700 N. Country Club Road (1/4 mile east of US 81 on Camelback Rd, 1/4 mile south on Country Club).
CRI&P Coach/Baggage??? Located at Camp Teen Round-Up Inc; 5 miles west of US 81 on Beech Ave, 1/2 mile south on Empire Rd. Heavyweight construction, appears to have originally been a baggage car converted by RI to present configuration.
MP Caboose13925 Located in Fuqua Park (US 81 and Ash) with Rock Island 905.
Durant CRI&P club/diner/dorm  376 "Pikes Peak".   Formerly located in Denison, Texas; now located at 2600 Westside Drive  (Access road on west side of US 69/75 between Washington Ave exit and US 70 exit)
KO&GDepot Located on southwest corner of East Main and SE. Used by business for storage; metal addition has been added to the front.
MKT Freight DepotLocated on SW First between Main and Arkansas on KRR-UP connection. Used by Stegier Lumber for storage.

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