The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with F

Location Railroad Type Name/Number Notes
Fairview AT&SF 2-8-0 2522 Donated to City of Fairview, August 7, 1954. Former KCM&O 66, originally NYC 2946. Alco 47016, 1910.  Located at Major Country Historical Society museum. (Located two miles east of US 60 junction on SH8/SH 58.)   Locomotive was originally located in Fairview's Specht Park.
KCM&O Depot Later AT&SF, restored at the Major County Historical Society museum. Thirty foot freight room extension added by AT&SF in 1931.


Located at Major County Historical Society museum.   Moved from Leo Park in Perry, Okla during 2009.
Fargo AT&SF Depot From Waka, TX. Abandoned, located 3 miles west of city on SH15, 1/4 mile south, 1/4 west with AT&SF section house.
Felt AT&SF Bunk house Not in use, located on southeast corner of 2nd and Railway. (1 block south of US 56/64/412 on 2nd St)
Forgan WF&NW Depot Later used by MKT. Located on east side of city on the south side of US 64. Formerly utilized as a steak house/restaurant, it burnt some time ago and is now only partially standing. An unknown MKT caboose (steel outside-frame) was built into an addition on the west side.
Fort Gibson MP Depot Moved from original location, now located on West Railroad between Popular (old US 62) and Hickory. 
Frederick SLSF Depot Restored as Tillman County Historical Museum, located in Park at Gladstone (SH 5) & Eighth.
BN Caboose 12003 Painted in Frisco colors.  Located at Tillman County Historical Museum (BE&S/SLSF depot).
Freedom AT&SF Depot Located on southeast corner of Cimarron Pass (SH 50) and Main.  Restored as the Freedom Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Center.  Depot appears to be of B&NW origin; it was constructed prior to acquisition of the B&NW by the Santa Fe.
AT&SF Caboose 999701 Located at Santa Fe Depot (Freedom Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center) on Cimarron Pass (SH 50).

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