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Frisco 4500

Frisco 4-8-4 4500 on display at Route 66 Village site, Tulsa -  6/5/2011


Last Updated - June 9th, 2011

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The Oklahoma List is a catalog of the remaining historic railroad structures and equipment in Oklahoma. The list was begun several years ago to keep track of cabooses in the state, but it has grown to include locomotives, depots and other significant railroad items.

Items on the list are organized by current location, or sometimes, last known location. This generally is the city or town where the item is located, or if the item is located in a rural area, the closest city. In any case, I have tried to give directions based on either street addresses or distances from an easily located landmark (such as a road junction). Although the official Oklahoma State map is helpful in finding these locations, I recommend a good state atlas (such as DeLorme's "Oklahoma Atlas & Gazetteer").


In establishing the Oklahoma List, certain guidelines were followed in order to keep it manageable and include the more noteworthy items. As a result, items were listed only if they met the following criteria:

Depots/Structures - Establishing a guideline for inclusion for these items was difficult at best. First, all pre-fab metal buildings were not included as they are of more recent construction, and defining them as historic is a bit of a stretch. Generally, most of the structures included are either freight or passenger depots from the 1960's or earlier. A few other structures, such as agents' houses, section bunk houses, are included since they are not too common place.

Locomotives - All locomotives on the list are those which are on static display. Some are on display at museums, but a few are located in city parks. Most are steam locomotives, but a few diesels have been preserved.

Passenger Equipment - In order to be included on the list, passenger equipment must be static. Although a few cars listed are not on static display, they have not moved any great distance recently.

Freight Equipment - Freight equipment on the list must be historically preserved. Although interesting examples of privately owned rolling stock exist in the state, most are simply box cars with no identifying marks. As well, the large number of such equipment prohibits listing all of them.

Cabooses - The only cabooses on the list are on static display, either in a historical setting or privately owned. Although a few railroads in Oklahoma continue to use cabooses, most change assignments frequently


While all accuracy has been made to ensure the validity of information on the list, information on the list is prone to change at any time, whether due to a change in status of the item, or any new information that has comes to light. Any significant changes will be noted in the Changes section to help make note of any revised information.

Recently, I have added the Missing section to the list; these items have been observed, but have disappeared upon a later inspection. I didn't want to completely delete the information, so hence this section.

Also, please remember that almost all of the items on the list are located on private property, whether it be railroad or otherwise. Please respect the owners' property rights so that others in the future will be able to view these reminders of railroading's past.

There is a large amount of information contained in the list, but there are many holes to be filled, as well as a large amount of items that are just waiting to be discovered. If you have any new or additional information, or have questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy!
John Kirk Jr.

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