The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with E

Location Railroad Type Name/
ORyCo Depot First Oklahoma Railway depot in Edmond; brick additions have been built on both ends. Located at 701 East First (next to alley).
ORyCo Depot Final Oklahoma Railway depot, located on the northeast corner of Main and Broadway.
SLSF Caboose 1167 Located at "Dental Depot", south side of SW 15th at Fretz Ave (just west of BNSF crossing). Formerly located in Mustang.
El Reno AT&SF Caboose 999245 Painted as RI 17145, located at Wade and Choctaw (US 81).
CRI&P Depot Restored as Canadian County Historical Museum, located at 300 S. Grand.
CRI&P Diesel Shop Brick, 3 bay structure. Originally the car shop at El Reno, it was converted into the diesel shop later. (A newer prefabricated building (paint shop) is also still standing.) Abandoned, located on east side of US 81 overpass.
CRI&P Office Building Former Southern Division headquarters. Located at 405 West Watts (one block south of RI depot); restored as "Heritage Park Apartments".
CRI&P MOW shop Located on northwest end of yard - currently in use by a government contractor building floating bridge sections for the US Army.
CRI&P Caboose 17209 Located at Canadian County Historical Museum. Painted as UP 24627 on west side to honor the UP for the donation of the caboose.
ORyCo Depot Located at 307 North Grand (north of the Southern Hotel). Leased space served as the El Reno Depot until abandonment in 1947.
Elk City CRI&P Depot Owned by state of Oklahoma, used for storage by Farmrail. Located at northeast corner of 7th and Main.
CRI&P Freight Depot Used by Elk City Street Maintenance Department; located at northeast corner of 7th and Main.
C&S Caboose 10607 Lettered for CO&G; displayed beside a replica of a WF&NW/MKT depot (built 1995). Located at Elk City Old Town Museum, northwest corner of Business I-40 (old US 66) and Pioneer Rd.
OKRyTrolley120 City car constructed by St Louis Car Company, 1929.  Currently used for storage, located on East 3rd; approximately .75 miles east of Business I-40/SH 6 intersection.  
OKRyTrolley226 Lightweight interurban, constructed by American Car Company 1927.  Originally built as Rockford (Illinois) Public Service 301.   Currently used for storage, located on East 3rd; approximately .75 miles east of Business I-40/SH 6 intersection.  
WF&NW Depot Brick, later MKT. Restored as "Becky B's Katy Depot Restaurant". Located on northeast corner of 8th and Main (SH 6).
Englewood (KS) AT&SF Depot Moved from Englewood, located 1/2 mile west of US 283 on EW Road 4 - "Ditch Valley Road" (4 miles south of OK/KS line, 9 miles north of US 64/283 intersection) at residence, used as workshop/storage along with AT&SF outhouse.
Enid AT&SF Depot Owned by city of Enid. Located on northeast corner of Walnut and Washington, across from the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma.
CRI&P Depot Currently unused, located south of Owen K. Garriott Ave (US 412) and UP crossing.
CRI&P Caboose 17841 Located at residence, 3220 W Phillips Ave (2.5 miles west of US 64/81 Junction on Phillips Ave).
Railroad Museum of Oklahoma
AT&SF Freight Depot Restored as Railroad Museum of Oklahoma. Located at 702 North Washington.
AT&SF Caboose 999567
BN Baggage/RPO 968186 Lightweight construction, painted Mineral brown - last use was as a MOW/Tool car. BN frame stencils indicate that it was the former GN 600; BN passenger scheme with R.P.O. lettering is visible under paint.
BN Caboose 12433
CB&Q Boxcar 41223 Painted in green "Burlington" pre-BN merger scheme.
CB&Q Boxcar 41402
Conoco (CONX) Boxcar 50004 Former ATSF Automobile car from Ponca City refinery operation.
Conoco (CONX) Tank Car 190
CRI&P Caboose 17039 Moved in October 1999 from Yukon's Best Railroad Museum. Delivered by truck on 10/19/99.
MKT Caboose 132
MP Caboose 13724 Formerly located at Yukon's Best Railroad Museum; car was moved by Union Pacific and was relettered YRMX 13724 for the trip.
NP Boxcar 42272
NP Caboose 1142 Former NP 1139, painted as 1142.
Railroad Museum of Oklahoma (RMO) GE 50 Ton 1 Donated to museum by Vulcan Materials from Wichita (KS) plant. Repainted as Railroad Museum of Oklahoma (RMO) 1.
Railroad Museum of Oklahoma (RMO) Lounge Car3100 "Wanda Lee", former Amtrak 3100.  Acquired from Arkansas & Missouri Railroad.
SLSF 4-8-2 1519 Baldwin (B/N 58607, August 1927) Donated to the City of Enid in November 1954; formerly located in Government Springs Park. The 1519 was moved to the museum 11/97.
SLSF Boxcar 162739 From Wichita, KS; donated January 1998. Built 1930 as an outside-braced wood boxcar, it was rebuilt with steel sheet sides in the 1960s.
SLSF Caboose 1281 Former BN 12181 painted as Frisco 1281 (built by Pacific Car and Foundry for BN, never owned by Frisco).
SLSF Flatcar100008  
SLSF Hopper car 5921
SP Caboose4646  Former SPCX, from cable-construction train.
SPCXBoxcar 5040 Used as Tool Car on cable-construction train.
SPCX Caboose53 Former SP, from cable-construction train.
SPCX Caboose 56 Former SP, from cable-construction train.
TTOX Flatcar 12002
UP Caboose 25323
Eva BM&E Depot Used by MKT after merger, in use by Eva branch operation of Elkhart (KS) Co-Op for storage. Located on west side of SH 95.

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