The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with A

Location Railroad Type Name/
Ada OC Depot

Later used by AT&SF. Restored as "Santa Fe Depot Craft Mall"; located at 425 West Main (southeast corner of Johnston & Main).

SLSF Depot Restored as the Ada Chamber of Commerce; located on northeast corner of Main and Stockton.
Adair ??? Baggage Car ??? Located on the north side of SH 28 one mile east of US 69. Wood construction, no markings or number visible.
Agra AT&SF Caboose 1963R Located on farm, 2.7 miles west of SH 18 on EW 77 Road. Body only, no trucks.
E-P 2-10-0 1615 Eagle-Picher, used in lead/zinc mining/smelting operations in Quapaw, OK area and Galena, KS. Former SLSF 1615, originally USRA 1015 (Alco-Richmond, 58829). Located in Cole Heights Park, four blocks west of US 283 on Katy Drive.
KCM&O Depot Baggage/Freight section of original 1910 KCM&O depot. The waiting room/office section was removed in 1934 by the AT&SF. Moved, now located west of city on US 62 near the Salt Fork of the Red River (four miles east of US 62/US 283 Junction) on south side of highway. Used for storage.
WF&NW Depot Later used by MKT. Abandoned, in poor condition. Located on west side of Main (US 283) five blocks south of US 62.
??? Combine ??? Wood construction, located at Blain and D St near north end of Farmrail (former ATSF) yard. Car has steel underframe and clerestory windows; no lettering or markings are visible.
Alva AT&SF Depot Moved from Capron, OK (originally from Huckle KS, moved to Capron in 1903). Located 2.3 miles north of US 281 North/US 64 intersection with 14 narrow gauge cars.
Ames BE&S Depot Moved off site; now located 1 mile west of city on county road at residence.
Anadarko CRI&P Depot Restored as Anadarko Pioneer Museum; located at 311 East Main (three blocks north of Central Blvd/US 62 on Fourth St).
Antlers SLSF Depot Restored as Pushmataha County Historical Museum; located at 119 West Main (US 271).
??? Passenger Car ??? Restored as guest cottage on Rebel Hill Guest Ranch. Located 3 miles east of US 271 North/SH 3 junction on SH3, then 1/2 mile north on NS4200 Road. Car appears to be an ex Rock Island 2500 series commuter car.
Hugo Heritage Railroad Coach1001 On display at Pushmataha County Historical Museum (Frisco depot).  
Hugo Heritage Railroad Coach1002 On display at Pushmataha County Historical Museum (Frisco depot).  
Ardmore AT&SF Depot Located at 251 East Main; recently acquired by the Ardmore Main Street Authority. A stop on Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, the depot was also used by Rock Island - a partially patched over Rock Island herald is visible on the west side.
AT&SF 2-6-2 1108 BLW 20691, 1902. Located in Whittington Park, 500 South Lake Murray Drive next to Murphy Auditorium. Donated to city of Ardmore on 7/23/54.
AT&SF Caboose 999734 Located at residence, 2403 Marilyn Lane. (1/4 mile north and 1 mile west of I-35/US 70 East [exit 29] junction.)
AT&SF Caboose ??? Located on east side of Kings Road, 1.5 miles north of US 70 West between Prairie Valley Rd and 12th Ave NW. (1.5 miles west and 1.5 miles north of US 70 West/I-35 junction [Exit 31]).
MKT Caboose 33 Wood construction with steel outside bracing. Located at residence, 107 Meadow Road (one mile north of SH 142 on Mount Washington Road).
ONM&P Depot Later used by AT&SF after merger, located at 301 North Washington (North Washington and NW Third St). Currently in use as American Legion Post 65; the building also served as offices for the "Ringling Road" (as the ONM&P was known).
SLSF Caboose ???Wood construction, with steel cupola.   Located at residence, south side of Bussell Road .38 miles east of US 77.   (Bussell Road is 1.6 miles south of US 70/77 junction).

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