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LocationRailroad Type Name/
Okemah FtS&W Depot Purchased by feed store after 1939 abandonment; it has been rebuilt - the only recognizable portion is the freight room. Located off US62/SH 27.
Oklahoma City AT&SF Caboose 999555 Located north of city near Eastern & Wilshire.
AT&SF Depot Located on E.K. Gaylord between Sheridan and Reno; privately owned, under restoration. Currently serves as Oklahoma City Amtrak depot. Constructed as part of grade separation project, ca~ 1922.
AT&SF 2-8-0 643 Hinkley, 1879. Former ATSF 933, originally 4-4-0 73 "H.C. Hardon". Located at Fairgrounds in the Transportation Building (east of B52/B47/C47 display).
CB&Q Caboose 13811 Wood construction, located northwest of city - specific location not known.
CB&Q Caboose 13829 Wood construction, body only.  Located at residence, 6001 Kingsbridge Drive.  (Not visible from Kingsbridge Drive, but visible from south parking lot of Spring Creek Baptist Church (11701 North MacArthur)).
CB&Q Caboose 13834 Located southwest of city on farm; wood construction, specific location not known
CRI&P Freight House Located at 209 E Main, renovated as the Oklahoma City Police Department's Bricktown Substation.
CRI&P Caboose ??? Located at Griggs Tractor, 9495 West Reno (just east of Morgan Rd). No number visible on car, 3/99.
CRI&P/SLSF Union Station Currently used as offices of the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority. Located at 300 SW 7th (between Hudson and Harvey).
FW&D Caboose 82 Located near SW 119th and I-44. Wood construction, body only.
MWTS Business Car "Soonerland" Former "Nancy Gail", MP 4. Located inside Science Museum Oklahoma , Martin Luther King Blvd and NE 50th.
OKRy Carbarn/Shops West of SW 4th and Exchange, for sale.
SLSF Business car ??? No number/name on car.  Located at Frontier City, 11501 North I-35 Service Road.
SLSF Caboose659 Located at Fairgrounds in Transportation Building with ATSF 643 above.
Oklahoma City:
Oklahoma Railway Museum


Formerly located in Edmond. 
AT&SF Depot Originally from Oakwood, OK; moved during April 2000 from the Fay vicinity by Oklahoma Railway Museum to their location at 3400 NE Grand Blvd.
AT&SF FP45 90 Donated to Oklahoma Railway Museum by BNSF.
CB&Q Caboose 14107 Wood construction.
C&NW Combine7721 Former Dodge City, Ford, & Bucklin 136; undergoing restoration as C&NW 7721.
CRI&P Baggage56155 Last used in Maintenance of Way service, originally RI 9114.
CRI&P Caboose 17834 Wood construction.
CRI&P Combine 6015Restored in Golden State paint scheme; formerly located at Capitol Steel; last use on RI was as a MOW/company service car (RI 96150).
Conoco Boxcar 50001 Former Santa Fe automobile car, from Ponca City refinery.
Conoco Boxcar 50014 Former Santa Fe automobile car, from Ponca City refinery.
Conoco Boxcar 50020 Former Santa Fe automobile car, from Ponca City refinery.
Conoco Tank car 5259
Conoco Tank car 5272
Conoco Tank car 7211
Conoco Tank car 8903
OG&E 0-6-0T Porter 163
ORM Chair Car 1304 Former "Mistletoe II", former GN 1304/"Grand Coulee", originally GN "Priest River"
ORM Diner 1492Currently painted as OKRX 1492 "OCU Star Express".  Former "Soonerland II", former AMTK 8037, originally ATSF 1492
ORM GE 44 ton 1 Former DCF&B 301 ("Miss Jere"), originally US Army.
ORM RS32 Former Blacklands Railroad, originally Magma Arizona 2.   Painted in "Chickasaw Nation" paint scheme.
ORM RS33 Former Blacklands Railroad, originally Magma Arizona 3. 
ORM CabooseX21 Former BN 10381, originally GN X-21.   Painted in ORM green paint scheme.
ORM Coach113 Currently painted as OKRX 113 "The Oklahoman".  Former Cuyahoga Valley Scenic 113, originally built for Santa Fe.
ORM Coach115 Currently painted as OKRX 115 "Kerr McGee Explorer". Former Cuyahoga Valley Scenic 115, originally built for Santa Fe.
ORMFlat car5051 
ORMFlat car5053 
ORMSW82034Former US Army.   EMD 5/51, B/N 15027.  Currently still painted in US Army red scheme with ORM/MKT heralds.
RI Alco RS1 743 Former Syndey & Lowe, originally CRI&P 743 (B/N 70817, B/D 5/43). Moved from Watonga, 12/01.
SLS Rail truck M300 Former San Luis Southern homebuilt; disassembled and stored.
SLSF Caboose 979 Wood, formerly located near Piedmont.
SLSFCaboose ???Wood, formerly located at 3220 SE 30th St in Moore.
SLSF MOW 108028 Externally restored as Pullman 2568.   Formerly located at Capitol Steel in OKC, currently used to house displays.
"SLSF" F9A 814 Ex BN 814/NP 7003D, b/n 19741, b/d 9/54. Painted in Frisco black/gold scheme 2005.
SPBaggage6029SPMW (Southern Pacific Maintenance of Way) 6029, donated by Union Pacific, 2011.
UP Caboose 25380 Formerly owned by Sunbelt NRHS.
UPDiner Former UP Maintenance of Way diner 904530, originally built as UP observation car 819 (later renumbered UP 1505). 
UP Flatcar 58259 Donated by UP; currently used as an open-air passenger car.
OkmulgeeSLSF Depot In use by BNSF, located at 6th (SH 56) and BNSF tracks.
Oktaha MP Steel Caboose 13545 No number on car, painted yellow.   Located on Combs Ranch, visible on west side of US 69 two miles south of Oktaha exit (3.6 miles north of US 69/US 69 Business interchange in Checotah.
Olney CRI&P Depot Located at residence, east end of SH 143.
Olustee BN Steel Caboose 11536 Former SLSF 1206, painted in Frisco paint with BN stenciling. Located in City Park, F Street & 4th Street (SH 6).

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