The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'G'

Location Railroad Type Name/
Gage AT&SF Depot Moved, used by R.A. Ford and Son Feeds for storage. Located at Santa Fe St. and Walnut (two blocks east of SH 46 along tracks).


Depot Moved from Curtis,OK, originally from Belva (moved 1942) Located 2 miles east of Gage on SH 15, then north, then west to location near BNSF/ATSF tracks.
AT&SF Depot Moved from Follet, TX. Converted to residence, currently abandoned. Located at 306 N Main (SH 46).
AT&SF Depot Freight end only, moved from Spearman, TX. Currently abandoned, located on SW corner of North St and Turner Street (4 blocks west of Main (SH 46) on North St).
Gate WF&NW Depot Later used by MKT. Restored as the "Gateway to the Panhandle" Museum. Moved, now located at Main (US 64) and Washington Ave. on west side of city.
Geary CRI&P Caboose 17043 Former OKKT 43, originally RI 17043. Located at Canadian Rivers Historical Society Museum, Broadway (US 281) and Main.
GeronimoSLSF Caboose


Located at private residence, 253 Southwest Landmark Circle.   (.75 miles west of US 277/281 on Landmark Road /EW 1750, then .25 miles south on Landmark Circle)
Grandfield CRI&P Depot Placed on National Register of Historic Places, 1997. Located on Bridge Road and Second (one block south of US 70/SH 36 intersection). In use by Grandfield Head Start.
Guthrie AT&SF Depot Located on Oklahoma Ave. three blocks west of Division (US 77). Originally it was constructed as Guthrie Union Depot, and used by AT&SF, Ft. Smith & Western, and the Missouri, Kansas, & Texas; it also housed a Fred Harvey Lunch Room. However, the Santa Fe built the building and was the only user after FtS&W moved to their "depot" ~ 1937.
AT&SF Caboose999624 Located at residence on west side of Lake Guthrie dam (Lake Road, off old US 77/Sooner Road south of US 77/I-35 junction). Replaced caboose (CB&Q 13963) that was destroyed by fire.
CO&W   Depot  Built by Rock Island's Choctaw, Oklahoma, & Western (Guthrie to Chandler). Also used by Oklahoma Railway as a freight depot after the CRI&P was abandoned (1924). Located at northeast corner of Perkins & Division (US 77).
CP Business car Metapedia Located at residence on west side of Lake Guthrie dam (Lake Road, off old US 77/Sooner Road south of US 77/I-35 junction) with AT&SF 999624 above.
DCFB Coach137 Stored in BNSF yard. 
DCFB Power/Steam Generator car 139 Stored in BNSF yard.  .  Former Santa Fe 139, originally AT&SF baggage car 3918.
PEIX Sleeper2325 Stored in BNSF yard. 
PEIX Power car4705 Stored in BNSF yard.
PEIX Coach4941 Stored in BNSF yard.
PEIX Coach4954 Stored in BNSF yard.
PEIX Coach4983 Stored in BNSF yard.
PEIX Combination Coach/Baggage 7210 Stored in BNSF yard.
Guymon CNW Caboose 11086  Repainted as "RI 17201"; on display in Centennial Park, East Street & SE 2nd (junction of US 54/US 412/SH 3/SH 136).  

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