The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with C

Location Railroad Type Name/
Cache CofDStreetcar ???Eagle Park Historical Exhibit.
FW&D Caboose 109Eagle Park. Wood construction, former CB&Q 13087.
- 0-4-0T Henschel ???German, Eagle Park
- 0-8-0T Maffei ???German, Eagle Park
Army Flat cars (6)??? Eagle Park
Calera MKTCaboose 125Located at RV Park south of Calera on the east side of US 69/75 near MP 8.
MP Caboose13935 Located at private residence, west side of US 69/75.
Calvin KO&GBridge South Canadian River span. Located east of US 75/US 270 bridge.
Canton KCM&ODepot Later used by AT&SF. Restored as "Canton Area Museum", located at 107 S. Washington (one block south of Main/SH 51).
Camargo WF&NWDepot Later used by MKT. Moved, office/waiting room only. Used as community center, east side of SH 34.
Carmen B&OCaboose C-257Located at former KCM&O (AT&SF) depot. Wood construction, repainted early 1998.
KCM&O DepotLater AT&SF, restored as private museum. Located at Main (SH 45) and First St. on former AT&SF right of way. Depot was constructed with a tower on the northwest corner and a freight section on the south end (photo) . In 1941, the freight end and tower were removed, and a portion of the passenger space on the north end was converted to a freight/express room. The framework for the base of the tower is still visible at the northwest corner.
Catoosa BNCaboose 12252Located at Catoosa Historical Society (replica of Frisco depot), 702 ????????  
???Trolley Body only, located at residence, 17895 Redbud Valley Road.
Chandler MPCaboose 13054 Located on west side of SH 18 at residence, five miles south of SH 66/SH 18 South junction.
MP Caboose13097 Located on south side of SH 66 across from Wal-Mart. .
Checotah MKTDepot Restored as "Katy Depot Center" museum/tourist information center. Located on the east side of the US 69 frontage road south of the US 266 exit.
MKT Caboose205 Located at MKT Depot Museum/Tourist Info Center.
Cheyenne C&OWDepot Moved, located at museum in city park on US 283. Forty foot section of freight room removed by AT&SF, giving the C&OW structure an appearance of a KCM&O depot.
Chickasha BNCaboose 12097Next to CRI&P Depot Museum, located at First and Chickasha.
CRI&P DepotLocated at First and Chickasha, one block south and three blocks east of US 62/US 277 intersection.
OC DepotLater used by AT&SF. Restored as "Chickasha Daily Express" offices, located on northeast corner of Third and Pennsylvania.
REA Freight OfficeOriginally American Railway Express, later REA. Located at southeast corner of First and Chickasha.
Choctaw CRI&PCaboose 17725Wood construction, restored as Choctaw Caboose Museum. Located at NE 23rd/Choctaw Road (US 62) and Henny Road.
Claremore MPCaboose 13060 Private owner, 18415 S. Old Highway 88.
Clayton SLSFDepot In original location, abandoned. Located one block south of Lawson Blvd (US 271/SH 2) on Pine.
Cleveland MKTBridge Arkansas River/Keystone Lake span from the Oklahoma District (abandoned 1977). Bridge was part of realignment constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Keystone Dam and Lake project and is currently used for a walking trail.
MKT DepotBrick structure, similar to MKT North McAlester Depot. Built in late 1950s as part of Keystone Lake line relocation. In use by Kerr-McGee, located south of US 64 on Swan Ave.
MP Caboose13003 Located at Country Club Estates, four miles south of airport.
Clinton AT&SFDepot/Yard OfficeNewer Construction, now Farmrail/Grainbelt offices. Located at 1601 W Gary Expressway (Bus. I-40 - old US 66), replaced old Orient (KCM&O) Depot.
C&OW DepotLater ATSF. Located on southwest corner of First and Frisco. Still in original location; the C&OW "main" was located in the middle of Frisco St.
Collinsville AT&SFDepot Restored as Collinsville Depot Museum, located at 10th and Center (one block south of SH 20).
CRI&P Caboose17685 Located next to ATSF Depot Museum, wood construction with no markings.
Covington 101 RanchBusiness Car ???On west side of SH 74 in city, used by 101 Ranch to promote its Wild West Show in early 1900s. Wood construction, converted into a diner (now closed).
Coyle AT&SFDepot In use as Coyle Police/Fire Department Station. Located two blocks north of Main St (old SH 33) on Broad St.
CB&Q Caboose13798 Wood construction , located at Camp Cimarron (operated by Camp Fire), one mile east of SH 33 Cimarron River bridge.
CB&Q Caboose13949 Wood construction, located at Camp Cimarron (operated by Camp Fire), one mile east of SH 33 Cimarron River bridge.
Crescent SLSFCaboose 937Body only, northeast of city on farm. Wood construction, formerly located at Frontier City in Oklahoma City.
Crowder CRI&PCaboose 17866 Located in field west of US 69 at Coal Creek Road near the former MKT station of Reams. Formerly located at McDonald's in McAlester. 
AT&SFCoaling tower Abandoned in place. Located behind Ahrberg Mills, south of Cherry Street. Constructed during USRA control of American railroads despite the fact that most locomotives assigned to the Santa Fe's lines in the area (Second District, Drumright District, and Cushing District) were oil-fired.
AT&SF DepotOwned by Chamber of Commerce, currently vacant. Located at Depot and Broadway. Brick "County seat" style depot, covered waiting area on north end was replaced in 1930's by Railway Express wing.
CRCCo Shop BuildingLocated on Grandstaff 1/3 mile west of Little Ave (SH 18). Currently used as bar.
SLSF Caboose801 Located at residence, 228 South Kings Highway.  Formerly located at Cimarron Valley Railroad Museum.
??? Coach??? Located at 110 E Broadway.   Moved from Cimarron Valley Railway Museum, 2008.  Once half of wooden MK&T Coach. Car was acquired in Cushing around 1973; it had been a portion of a residence until that time.
Cimarron Valley Railroad Museum
AT&SFDepot Moved from Yale in 1970. Replaced original depot which burnt ca. 1910; was not constructed with freight section, but one waiting room was converted to freight/baggage after passenger service declined.
CRCCo GE 17 ton9 B/N 30208, built Sept 1949. Engine removed by Cushing Railcar prior to being moved to location.
DL&CCo Boxcar938 Oldest car in Oklahoma, wood construction with arch-bar trucks. 
TO&E Tank Car??? Three-dome type, circa 1917.

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