The Oklahoma List: Locations beginning with 'B'

Location Railroad Type Name/
Barnsdall MV Depot Used for storage by Wells Ranch Supply; located on Sixth between Main (SH 11) and Maple.
Bartlesville AT&SF/MKT Depot Restored by Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce; located at northwest corner of 4th and Jennings.
AT&SF Caboose ??? Former Victoria Station, location unknown.
AT&SF Depot Restored, moved from Hulah (OK). Located in Johnstone Park near Cherokee & Hensley (SH 123).
AT&SF 2-10-2 940 Baldwin B/N 23237, 1903. Donated by the AT&SF on 8/16/56. Formerly located in Johnstone Park, moved to ATSF/MKT depot
(now Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce) during December 2009.
MKT Coaling tower Located near Oak and West 9th St. (two blocks south of Adams Blvd /US 60); has MKT herald cast in concrete on north side.
UP Caboose 25422 Located at Keepsake Candle Company, west of city off of US 60. Painted as AT&SF 25422.
Blackwell AT&SF Depot Owned by State of Oklahoma, used for storage by South Kansas & Oklahoma/Blackwell Northern Located near Fourth and Blackwell.
AT&SF 2-6-2 1096 Donated by the AT&SF on 5/19/54. Located in Beatty Rogers Park, Third and Badon. Baldwin 20563, 1902
AT&SF Caboose 999655 Former TP&W 528 (never operated as ATSF 999655). Located with AT&SF 1096 in Beatty Rogers Park, Third and Badon.
Bluejacket MKT Depot Located at residence, north side of E Main (SH 25) between Third and Fourth.
Boise City AT&SF Depot Moved, now located at Cimarron Heritage Center, 1300 North Cimarron (US 287).
AT&SF Caboose 999470 Used by Boise City Chamber of Commerce; located on north east side of town square (intersection of US 56, US 64, US 287, US 385, US 412, and SH 325) with Santa Fe markings removed.
Boynton SLSF Depot Located at Sixth and Buckner (4 blocks east of US 62/SH 72 on Buckner), used for storage by resident.
Bristow AT&SF Caboose999334 Former AT&SF 999334, painted as Frisco 999334. Located at restored Frisco Depot.
SLSF Depot Restored as the Bristow Chamber of Commerce/Bristow Museum. Located at One Railroad Place (Sixth St one block east of Main (SH 66)).
Broken Bow DL&CCo 2-8-2 227Baldwin 60006, May 1927. Located on Park Drive (US 70/US 259/SH 3) near tracks with wood log car.
TO&E Depot Restored as Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce; located at 113 W Martin Luther King (US 70).
Buffalo AT&SF DepotUsed for storage by Feuquay Elevator. Located at NE Sixth and East Turner.
Burbank AT&SF Depot Moved from Apperson, currently used as a storage barn. Located one mile west of US 60/SH 18 junction on south side of US 60.
Byars AT&SF Bridge Span over South Canadian River; used for county road between Byars and Wanette. Located north of Byars on Second (road on west side of town square).

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